Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance 
Episode 5 Web Promo Video Captures

Date:  10.17.15


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Announcer:  CBS, Wednesday, on Survivor Second Chance, some castaways are changing...

Spencer <camera confessional>:  I'm trying to form bonds.  It's something I haven't taken the time to do before.  It might just make the difference in my game.

Announcer:  Some are not...

Woo <talking in shelter to Abi>:  You get a phone call, your mom only has a couple of days.  To go through what she did and never give up.  To me, that's huge inspiration.

Abi <talking to Tasha>:  Woo is trying to get sympathy from you guys.

Tasha <camera confessional>:  Abi, it takes everything to just be around her.  She's a time bomb.

Abi <camera confessional>:  If Woo writes my name down again, he's dead to me.


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