Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance Episode 4 
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Date:  10.13.15

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Andrew <camera confessional>:  At our new camp, no resources, nothing.

Woo <camera confessional>:  I'm withering away.

Probst:  You can see the wear and tear, getting no sleep.

Tasha <camera confessional>:  If anyone can survive this, I can.

Jeff Probst <at Reward Challenge>:  This is a Hero Challenge.  Each tribe selects one person.

Jeff Probst <at Reward Challenge>:  Each tribe will select one person.

Jeff Probst <at Reward Challenge>:  Go! All 3 digging deep!

Andrew:  I need to give it 1000 percent.

Jeremy:  I'm gonna bring this thing home. 

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