Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance 
Episode 2  Web Promo Video Captures

Date:  9.28.15


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Announcer:   CBS, Wednesday...

Jeff Probst:  Twenty former players given a second chance to finish what they started. 

Jeff Varner <talking to Terry>:  This game is moving like lightening. 

Announcer:  For these castaways, it's not just Outwit...

Stephen <camera confessional>:  Joe's a threat.  He's the guy, you slit his neck right when we get to the merge.

Announcer: ...Outplay...

Shirin <talking to Woo>:  You will be picked off as soon as you don't win Immunity.

Announcer:  Outlast...

Jeff Varner <talking to Terry>:  All these threats gotta go.

Announcer:'s all out war.

Shirin <talking to Abi>: Are we still in this together?

Abi:  <shakes head and laughs>

Jeff Varner <camera confessional>:  Oh my God!  This is delicious!






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