Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance 
Episode 14 Promo Video Captures

Date:  12.9.15

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Jeff Probst:  Next time on the Season Finale of Survivor...

Jeremy:  You won't give.  You're not giving.

Spencer:  You're not either.

Probst:  This close to the end, no one is giving up their second chance without a fight.

Probst <starting challenge>:  Go!

Kelley <camera confessional>:  Now it's all about staying alive.

Kimmi <talking to Keith>:  They would not expect it.

Keith <camera confessional>:  Come to tribal tonight.  Buy a ticket.  It might be epic.

Probst <standing at voting urn at Tribal Council>:  For the first time in 31 seasons...

Probst:  Join us for the finale and live reunion show, Wednesday, December 16.



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