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Survivor:  31 - Second Chance Promo
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Date:  9.1.15


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Transcript by SurvivorFever.net:

Announcer:  They were all voted out of Survivor.

Jeff Probst <snuffing torches>:  The tribe has spoken.

Announcer:  But last May...

Probst <at Survivor Worlds Apart Finale>:  You will get a second chance!

Announcer:  ...America spoke and voted them back in.  And now they are on fire.

Jeremy:  I don't care about nobody out here.  I'm just gonna play erratic.

Abi:  You should expect a villain.

Announcer:  Get ready for an explosive new season.

Joe:  You're going to see something you've never seen before, this second time around.

Jeff Varner:  Figuring out how to use these people against each other, I can't wait.

Announcer:  Survivor Second Chance, season premiere Wednesday, September 23rd. 

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