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Second Chance
contestants reveal the players they are surprised got voted in by fans

Date:  8.28.15

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Dalton Ross:  Who were you surprised that did make the cast?

Ciera Eastin:  I was surprised Monica Padilla made it.  I thought that Natalie would have made it over her. 

Abi-Maria Gomes:  I'm surprised that Monica Padilla made the cast.  You know, she really didn't make that much of an impression on me when I watched her season.

Peih-Gee Law:  I think Monica Padilla was one of those people that you really weren't sure that she would make it or not.  She didn't make a big impact.  Maybe one other one, Jeff Varner and Kimmi Kappenberg.  They were on the most watched season of all time.  So a lot of people, even if they never watched Survivor more, everyone tells me, "You know what, I watched the first couple of seasons." 

Kass McQuillen:  I was kind of surprised that Monica Padilla and Kelly Wentworth made it.  They weren't really on my radar in terms of making it or people that I think of when I think of great Survivor players.  So those are the two big surprises, for me.

Terry Deitz:  You know, on the guys side, I'm not surprised that all of those people made it, because all but three of them are highly relevant.  They're all post 15 and above.  Somebody like Fishbach who is almost old school, he's got a podcast.  People are listening to him talk about Survivor all the time.  The rest of us, we just ran good campaigns and stuff like that and we got in the mix.  For the women, I'm a little surprised that Abi made it.  I'm a little surprised that Monica made it. 

Shirin Oskooi:  I'm surprised Kimmi made it, especially over T-Bird.

Spencer Bledsoe:  I was a little surprised that Kimmi made it.  I know her probably the least of all 32 people that were in the mix. I definitely had to kind of refresh myself on Australia and remember what happened.

Tasha Fox: I do remember her as far as the chicken incident, but that's about it. 

Andrew Savage:  Kimmi, she was out day 14 on a huge season.  What did she do other than have an argument with Alicia about a chicken?

Monica Padilla:  Kimmi's one.  I mean she's not a big one, but for some reason I didn't think that Jeremy and Keith would both make it.  I'm surprised to see how many of the seasons have the entire cast here.  You have like 4 people from Cagayan hanging out on the beach right now.  And then you have 3 people from San Juan Del Sur.  Which is insane to me.

Dalton Ross:  Does that worry you?

Monica:  It does and it doesn't.  They're easy targets.  They're easy alliances to weaken.  You don't have to figure out who's hooking up with who.  You can already assume, even if it's not a safe assumption, that they're hooking up with each other.  You want to at least weaken them by one, automatically.  And that's my take on it.  I don't know how everyone else is looking at it. 

Jeff Varner:  I was surprised to see Woo get in there.  I was surprised to see Keith get in there. 

Woo Hwang:  All 32 contestants are candidates to make it to Second Chance.  We all deserve a shot at it.  Looking around, I feel that everyone who got picked is the appropriate pick for this season.

Dalton Ross:  So there was no surprise in the people that did make it, for you?

Vytas Baskauskas:  No, I think everybody had a pretty fair shot.  I guess people like Savage or Terry, I'm surprised America remembered them.  I think there's definitely a recency bias.  People just remember what's new.  There's a nostalgia from Season 1 and 2.  I'm not surprised that Kelly and Kimmi and Jeff made it on here.  The people in Season 12, 7, those people I'm a little bit more surprised at. 

Jeremy Collins:  I'm surprised that Kimmi made it.  I'm surprised that Varner made it.  I was surprised that Kelley made it.  Kelley Wentworth.  Keith, I didn't think he was gonna get on.  I thought either Savage or Terry was gonna get on.  I didn't think both of them were gonna get on. 

Shirin Oskooi:  I thought Savage was a bit of a long shot.  Big character in his season, but his season had some of the biggest characters of all time, so I was happy to see him make it.  I bet it was close for him.

Stephen Fishbach:  I'm most surprised by Savage, actually.  I'm surprised by Savage and not Shane.  I didn't think that he would have that kind of big popular support.  I know that he's a favorite of Jeff's, but he was a premerge boot in a Season from a long time ago.  I didn't think he had that kind of classic nostalgia that someone like Jeff Varner has, but here he is, and I think he's in a great position to win.

Kimmi Kappenberg:  Honestly, with some of the players, they seem very cookie cutter to me.  A lot of the girls, they're all cute twenty-somethings.  It's hard to differentiate what they did on their seasons.  I know this is a terrible thing to say, but there's not one that stands out more than the other that I'm surprised is here.  I think people are more surprised that I'm here.

Kelly Wentworth:  I'm surprised that Keith made it, and Woo.  I know they have kind of the recency bias and people like them but I thought that maybe some of the older players might make it over them, just because people really wanted to see older players in the game. 

Dalton Ross:  Was there anyone that did make it that surprised you, besides yourself?

Keith Nale:  Yeah, besides me.   Well, I don't know much about Jeff and Fish.  They kind of surprised me.  I know Terry's won challenges, Andrew, Joe.  You know Kass and Spencer and all them from recent seasons.  Women wise, maybe Monica, Abi.  I don't really know much about them, either. 

Dalton Ross:  You're gonna find out soon.

Keith:  Oh yeah, about everybody.

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