Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance 
Behind the Scenes of the Challenge - Episode 3

Date:  10.5.15


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John Kirhoffer <Survivor Challenges Producer>:  

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of the Challenges Survivor Second Chance.  Today we're giving our tribes a second chance at "Draggin' the Dragon."  It's our second chance to do it, also.   "Draggin' the Dragon" first aired in Survivor Cagayan.  

On "go" the tribes will race onto an obstacle course with their carts as the rain comes down.  They will climb various ladders, retrieving keys.  Those keys unlock a chest.  They put the chest on their cart and make their way through the obstacle course to a wall.  When they get to the wall, they disassemble the cart.  They pass the cart and the chest and everything through the wall.  They reassemble it all, make it to the end, where 2 players will assemble the puzzle. 

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