Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance
Behind the Scenes of the Challenges - Episode 1

Date:  9.21.15


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Jeff Probst:  Welcome to Behind the Scenes of the first challenge of Survivor Second Chance.  We're actually going to recreate the very first challenge we ever did 15 years ago.  Today we're going to have the press, the visiting press run it. 

Okay, here's what we're doing.  There are two rafts about a hundred and fifty feet out in the water.  Your job is to get your raft back to the beach. 

This is the challenge that Kelly Wiglesworth lost, and this will be her second chance to redeem herself.

Along the way are a series of torches both in the water and on the land. The first team to light all their torches wins Immunity. 

We are also experimenting, using the press, with something else this year brand new.  We're going to hide the Immunity Idol within a challenge.  This time we're going to watch them find it in broad daylight. 

Alright, that wraps up the behind the scenes.  But as we conclude this, Kirhoffer, you're one of the very first guys ever hired on this show.  This was your first challenge over 15 years ago.  We're doing it again.  We've added a twist.  We added the jailbreak into it. 

John Kirhoffer <Challenges Producer>:  Yeah.

Probst:  How does it feel to see this almost two decades later playing again.

Kirhoffer:  It feels awesome.  I've got the butterflies I had 15 years ago.  Hoping it doesn't rain, hoping it all works out.  I can't wait to see them do it.

Probst:  And that means if he's hoping it doesn't rain, I am hoping...

Kirhoffer:  It rains.

Probst:  It rains.  Because the last time we were in this, I still remember.  It was one of the very first things we'd ever done.  Saying a storm is approaching.

Kirhoffer:  Waterproof matches and Immunity at stake. 


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