Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo - Episode 8

Date:  4.3.15

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Announcer:  Survivor, Wednesday, 

Jenn <playing Hidden Immunity Idol at Episode 7 Tribal Council>:  I really don't want to go home tonight.

Jeff Probst:  This is a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Announcer:  After last week's Tribal Council shocker, Hidden Idol Fever...

Dan:  All camps have an idol.  Where's the idol?

Announcer:  ...infects the island.

Tyler:  Thus began a mad dash and Mike was leading the pack of insanity.

Mike <camera confessional>:  I'm jumping in bushes, picking through leaves.

Rodney <camera confessional>:  We've gotta run around and hustle but at the end of the day we're running the game.

Tyler <camera confessional>:  The Immunity Idol definitely opens up new options.

Mike <camera confessional>:  I've gotta find it.  I have to find it.


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