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Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo - Episode 7

Date:  3.30.15

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Shirin:  You have merged!

<One Big Tribe>

Tyler <camera confessional>:  My future has changed.  I've got new found hope. 

<One Big Surprise>

Dan:  We walk back into camp, wait...ohhhh.

Carolyn:  Are you kidding me?

Carolyn  <camera confessional>:  This is like day one all over again.


Mike <talking to Tyler>:  Are you thinking you want to work together?


Hali  <talking to Tyler>:  No collars want to join white collars.


Tyler:  Carolyn and I are swing votes.


Will <camera confessional>:  It's kind of tough to know who you can trust.

Jenn <camera confessional>:  Anything can happen.  I'm terrified.




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