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Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo - Episode 4

Date:  3.16.15

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Transcript by SurvivorFever.net:

Announcer:  Wednesday, it's a two hour Survivor event.  And the white collar, blue collar and no collar tribes are turning on each other.

Lindsey <talking to Rodney>:  If you were my son, I'd break your jaw and feed it to you for breakfast.

Rodney <camera confessional>:  Who the hell gets a tattoo on their face?

Shirin:  I learned how to kill a chicken, but I slaughtered a rabbit.

Joaquin:  Oh, sociopath.

Announcer:  Then, disaster strikes!

Female:  Drop it!

Female:  Oh!

Sierra:  Kelly are you okay?  She's bleeding.

Probst:  Stop!  Are you alright?

Announcer:  And it all comes to a head...

Probst:  Drop your buffs.

Announcer:  ...when three tribes become two.

Sierra:  My old tribe is absolutely dead to me.



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