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Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo Episode 3

Date:  3.9.15

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Announcer:  On Survivor, White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar, making it in the wild can be hard.

<Joe kills a lizard>

Hali:  Oh no not a lizard!

Joe:  Come on, Nina.

Hali (?):  One little taste.

Nina:  No.

Announcer:  And Wednesday, some people will do anything to fit in.

<Shirin watches monkeys in the trees and verbally makes monkey sounds>

Carolyn <camera confessional>:  I don't even know where to go with that.

Announcer:  Others just can't seem to get along.

Lindsey:  Oh, we don't tend to the fire.  How do you think that got there?

Mike:  Everybody's gotta pitch in.

Rodney:  You just need to relax.  I will get firewood whenever I want to get firewood.

Mike:  If me saying something means I'm the first to go, send me home.

Lindsey  <camera confessional>:  Wish come true! 



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