Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo - Episode 14

Date:  5.18.15

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Announcer:  Survivor Finale, Wednesday

Jeff Probst:  I know you're ready for some love.

Announcer:  It's the most emotional Season Finale ever.

Will <at a challenge>:  Let's do this, baby!  Let's go, Jeff!

Announcer:  5 Castaways Remain.

Mike <camera confessional>:  I'm ready for a battle.

Sierra <camera confessional>:  It's every man for himself.

Announcer:  3 Tribal Councils.

Rodney <camera confessional>:  I dominated socially.  I built relationships.

Announcer:  2 Riveting Hours.

Will <camera confessional>:  Did I lie?  Of course.  Did I backstab?  Yes.

Announcer:  1 Ultimate Survivor.

Carolyn <camera confessional>:  I will fight tooth and nail.  This is do or die.

Announcer:  Don't miss the Survivor season finale and live reunion show.



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