Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo Episode 13

Date:  5.11.15

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Announcer:  Survivor Wednesday, 

Dan <camera confessional>:  The alliance wants Mike gone.

Announcer:  It's Mike against everyone. 

Will <camera confessional>:  He's the biggest threat still in the game.

Announcer:  And he'll do anything...

Mike <talking to Dan>:  Your alliance is gunning for you.

Carolyn:  Really?

Mike <talking to Carolyn and Sierra>:  Dan is voting one of you two with the boys.

Announcer: win. 

Jeff Probst <starting challenge>:  Go!

Mike <camera confessional>:  I could be vulnerable, so I've got to win the Immunity to stay in this game.

Probst:  We are neck and neck right now!

Announcer:  And with just 2 episodes to go.

Probst <at Tribal Council>:  It is anybody's game to win.


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