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Survivor:  Worlds Apart
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Date:  5.4.15

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Announcer:  Survivor Wednesday...

Rodney <camera confessional>:   Today's my birthday.

Announcer:  ...it's Rodney's birthday.

Rodney <camera confessional>:  I have been stuck on this beach for 30 days.

Announcer:  ...and he'll cry...

Rodney <at the beach>:  This is the worst day ever.  I'm washing dishes on my birthday.

Announcer:  ...kick...

Rodney <camera confessional>:  There's nothing here, no coconuts or any fruits.  Nothing.

Rodney <camera confessional>:  Everything is fake.  Everybody out here is fugazi. 

Announcer:  ...and complain if he wants to.

Rodney:  They have neglected me on my birthday.  All bets are off, now. 

Rodney <daytime, at camp>:  I want to be voted off.  I want to be on the jury next.

Rodney <nighttime in the shelter>:  I've had enough.  I'm done.  Write my name down.

Mike:  Go home.


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