Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Web Promo - Episode 10

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Date:  4.17.15

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Announcer:  CBS Wednesday...

Sierra:  We have letters from our loved ones.  We just want to sit down and read them.

Announcer:  An emotional morning...

Rodney: I love you brother.

Dan <crying after reading letter>:  I love you, too, man.

Announcer:  ...leads to one explosive shocker...

Will <yelling at Shirin>:  Don't ever question my integrity, dog, for real.

Announcer:  ...after another.

Mike:  I could blow it up, right now.

Announcer:  And they just...

Rodney:  You better relax, cause you're going nuts right now.

Announcer:  ...keep...

Dan <talking to Sierra>:  Nobody dictates my future.

Announcer:  ...coming.

Will <at Auction>:  Bring the popcorn, baby.  This is gonna be the best Tribal, everrrrrr.


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