Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Episode 8 Promo

Date:  4.6.15

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Jeff Probst:  Here we go, for Immunity, Survivors ready?  Go!  You have one puzzle piece in this challenge.  You've gotta get it through three slide mazes, then the slide puzzle.  Joe out quick!  Sierra with a big fall, but she's through.  It is Hali, Tyler, Dan, Carolyn, Shirin.  Here comes Jenn!  Here comes Will!  Dead last, it is Rodney. 

Rodney:  Man!

Probst:  Joe moving onto his third maze.  Shirin on her third.  There's Tyler and Mike.  It is Shirin, Joe, Tyler and Mike in an early lead.  Carolyn now on her third.  There's Sierra, there's Dan.  He's gotta get over that obstacle.  Joe's through the third one.  Joe now working on his slide puzzle.  Shirin is now through the third one.  Tyler's through the third one.  There's Sierra.  There's Mike!  Here comes Carolyn.  Everybody now getting through it. 


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