Survivor:  Worlds Apart
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Date:  4.27.15

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Jeff Probst:  Alright, running for blue it is Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney.  Running for red it is Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will.  Here we go for a nice reward.   Survivors ready?  Go!  Pretty simple.  Four barrels, two planks and rope.  Question is, how to most effectively use these items to transport four people from one end to the other without ever touching the ground.  That includes your planks.  They can't touch either.

Tyler:  We're gonna to have to get up here.

Probst:  This is going to be all about figuring out a system.  What to do.  How do you move forward?  

Mike <talking to Sierra>:  Don't stand on the barrel.  I got you. 

Probst:  Very different strategies.  Blue going with barrels on their side.  Red going with barrels straight up. 

Dan:  There you go, I got him.  Perfect, just like that. 

Probst:  Mike flat out risking sliding off and falling on the sand.  Trying to set up these barrels.  Mike doing a lot of work.  A plank falls but does not touch.  A nice save.




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