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Date:  1.21.15

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Parvati Shallow:  I'm Parvati Shallow, here in Nicaragua with the castaways of the 30th season of Survivor.

Jeff Probst:  Here we are 15 years later, 30 seasons, and there's no way you could have predicted this.

Jenn Brown:  The fact that it's in its 30th season is terrifying to me.  I know you guys are going to do something terrible to us. 

Will Sims:  It's like winning the Willie Wonka golden ticket.  Here I am on Survivor season 30.

Parvati:  Tell me about this cast as a whole. 

Probst:  The cast is fantastic.  This group of people, everybody's popping.  We have a really good combination of very smart, high IQ and very savvy to the game.  That's a deadly combo.  One day I was just looking at all of our cast and you could see white collar and blue collar really easily because we had a state trooper...

Kelly Remington:  Oh, I definitely want to work with military guys.  I know they're in my alliance. 

Probst:  We have a postman...

Dan Foley:  I repair all of their automated equipment.  I'm a technician along with being a landlord, an electrician.

Probst:  ...a guy that works in the oil field...

Mike Holloway:  At home I'm a nice guy but I kind of have a little itch to be the villain a little bit. 

Probst:  And then we have a Yahoo exec...

Shirin Oskooi:  I worked at Google and I ran Google Calendar.  Now I work at Yahoo! and run Yahoo! answers

Probst: I kept looking at this other group and they were just sort of, one guy sold coconuts. 

Vince Sly:  I have a project called Coconut Caravan.  It's a circus influenced, gypsy themed coconut vending cart. 

Probst:  And one girl worked on a sailboat.

Jenn Brown:  It's like me sitting on a boat and yelling at people twice my age, telling them what to do.  It's fun.

Probst:  I just kept looking at them and finally went, "Oh my God. The no collars!"

Hali Ford:  I mean, I am a sweet Southern belle.  I love my sweet tea and all that, but on the inside, I'm kind of like a motorcycle gang dude.

Probst:  They just say, "I'm gonna go where the world takes me.  Where the wind blows."

Joe Anglim:  I'm an artist. Painting, jewelry, sculpture, welding, print-making, ceramics.  I love it all.

Probst:  White collars tend to make the rules.

Shirin:  I come up with the vision for what this product should be, what Internet users want. 

Tyler Fredrickson:  I most recently worked at the largest Hollywood agency in the business. 

So Kim:  I work in fashion.  I'm a buyer at a major department store.  I've always lived by my work.  That's what defines me.

Joaquin Souberbielle:  I go to an interview, I get it, largely in part because I did just talk my way in and out of everything.  I'm the alpha male, usually everywhere I go.  I try to be.  No, I am, always. 

Carolyn Rivera:  When I get my mind set on something, I'm a pit bull.  Get it, do it until the end. 

Max Dawson:  Up until about 18 months ago, I was a college professor at Northwestern University outside of Chicago, where I talk a class on Survivor, a class called "The Tribe Has Spoken:  Surviving TV's New Reality."  

Probst:  Blue collars tend to follow or enforce the rules. 

Sierra Thomas:  People look at me and when I tell them what I do, they're like, "You're not a cowgirl." 

Rodney Lavoie:   I'm a salesman.  I'm a hustler.  I've been selling and hustling since I was like 14 years old.  So they have no idea what's coming their way. 

Lindsey Cascaddan:  I'm a single mom and a hairstylist and makeup artist.  Some people like to decorate their house.  I decorate my body.  I have my great grandmother's bridal lace from her wedding gown on my face.

Probst:  No collars tend to break the rules. 

Vince Sly:  The life that I've lived, being able to travel 37 countries on my own money, surviving as a young adult from 15 on, being able to create my own communities, my own sustainable life.  I really fell like all elements that have brought me to this point, will benefit me in this game. 

Nina Poersch:  I'm a housewife.  I'm deaf.  I have cochlear implants and that helps me hear.  I didn't grow up deaf.  I didn't lose my hearing until later in life.  

Will Sims:  Me and my wife got pranked at the gas station at Cosco by Jay Leno.  I was singing "Living on a Prayer" and she was singing "Sweet Dreams".   It went viral within like four days.  Bon Jovi sent us a video message from South Africa. 

Prost:   I don't think being labeled white collar, blue collar, no collar works for or against you.  It's what you do with it.

Parvati:  Who in this group has the goods to win the million dollar prize:

Carolyn:  Number one, baby, number one!

Parvati:  You'll find out soon enough when Survivor 30 premieres.








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