Survivor:  Worlds Apart
Survivor - Behind-the-Scenes Challenge Preview
Episode 12

Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer takes us behind-the-scenes for a first look at this week’s challenge, 
Dulcimer Stomp, featured on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, May 6

Date:  5.4.15

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John Kirhoffer:  This challenge is Dulcimer Stomp.  Our tribe will come out and divide into two teams of three.  One person not chosen will not participate.  Our two teams will start at a maypole where they will connected by belts to three ribbons up at the top of a very tall maypole.  Once they've unspun the maypole, a ring will be released from the very top of the maypole and slide down into one of their hands.  Then they will race over to this large frame where they will use puzzle pieces in the shape of ladder rungs to form a ladder to the top.  Up there is a bag of balls. They will use the key to unlock the balls.  Then they will all make their way over to this very tight net line.  They will have to crawl through.  It's very scratchy.  At that point one player from each team will launch balls from a catapult into each of five targets.  First team to get a ball in each of the five targets wins. 

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