Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo
Web Promo Episode 9


Date:  11.17.14

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Baylor <camera confessional>: It's about to get crazy.

Announcer:  Get ready for the Biggest.Blindside.Yet.

Reed: I might have to stir up a little bit of chaos.

Jon <camera confessional>: I need to change the course of the game.

Keith <camera confessional>: I've had it with Jon.  I've had it with Missy.

Jeremy <camera confessional>:  I wanna make a move they don't expect.

Missy <camera confessional>: We rock the boat too hard, one of us is gonna fall out.

Jon: People are gonna think I was lying this whole time.

Jeremy <talking to Natalie: You're the only one I trust. I don't trust nobody else.

Reed <camera confessional>:  I will light this camp on fire on my way out.

Wes <talking to Natalie>:  I just don't wanna get #blindsided.





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