Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo
Web Promo Episode 6

Date:  10.25.14

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Reed <after Episode 5 Immunity Challenge>:  Jeff, we're out of food.  We're looking to trade for a bag of rice to sustain us.

Jeff Probst <at Hunahpu camp>:  There has never been a tribe that has needed as much help.  First, you lose your flint.  Now, you're completely out of rice, and you need help again. 

Josh <camera confessional>:  I'm shocked that people were not smarter on this side.

Jeremy <camera confessional>:  Jeff is gonna clean us out.  I'm not having that. 

Alec <talking to Jeremy>:  I just hope he doesn't tear down our camp.

Julie <at Hunahpu camp>:  I'm scared of whatever is about to go down.

Probst:  I have rice, but it's going to be a stiff penalty. 





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