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Web Promo Episode 4


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Announcer:  CBS, Wednesday, to win Survivor: Blood Versus Water, you need a winning strategy.

Drew:  The fact that I'm a ladies man seems to work to my advantage.

Kelley:  Drew says he can do all these amazing things but he sleeps for hours.

Announcer:  Well kept secrets...

Keith:  Jeremy's got an idol.

Jeremy:  I want Keith gone.  I don't trust him at all.

Announcer:  And tribe solidarity...

Alec:  We're desperate.  We're on the ropes.

Dale:  If we lose the next Immunity, I'm toast. 

Jeremy <to Drew>:  Are you telling me you don't have my back?

Drew <to Reed and Jon>:  There's snakes on our team that have to go.  Trust me, count on it.


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