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Announcer:   CBS, Wednesday, it's two new hours of Survivor.

Announcer:  With tensions running high...

Reed:  Baylor, you're a brat.

Missy: Reed, shut your mouth.

Announcer:  And patience running low.

<Jaclyn and Jon arguing on the beach>

Jaclyn: Can I just finish?

Jon: I already knew all this.

Jaclyn:  Don't touch me.

Announcer:  Blood Versus Water is put to the ultimate test. 

Jon:  Heyyyyy.

Announcer:  Four crucial challenges. 

Announcer:  It's anyone's game to win.

Alec  :  My back's against the wall.  I just gotta start swingin'. 

Announcer:  Two Tribal Councils. 

Natalie <camera confessional>:  I could totally flip the entire game.

Natalie <talking to Keith>: I'm smarter than I look sometimes.





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