Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo

TV Guide Network - Segment 6

Features Dual and Immunity Challenge

Date:  9.11.14

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Announcer:  Every season the press steps into the Survivor's shoes to experience an exciting challenge, which the real contestants will face on the show.  

John Kirhoffer <Survivor Challenges Producer>: This time they [the press] got to help us develop it, because we did a test rehearse.  It was the first time Jeff had seen this challenge, it was the first time the camera guys and our director had seen it.   

Announcer:  The challenge is called Parallel Universe, and it was a lot harder than it looked. 

<Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly versus Parvati Shallow, former Survivor winner>

Probst:  Gotta go back to the start.  Parvati's gotta go back to the start.

Kirhoffer:  They have to race through an obstacle course carrying a pole with a wooden disc on it.  On that wooden disc is a billiard ball, which rolls around pretty easily.  They have to get that billiard ball through all the obstacles and then dump it off on the other end, where they'll then use three billiard balls to roll up a alley and land the three balls into three different divots. 

Announcer:  So did the press's performance affect the design of the game?

Kirhoffer:  It wasn't changed dramatically, but there were some significant tweaks.  Watching you guys run it helped us figure out how to make it better.

Announcer:  We were also on hand to give you a sneak peek of the first Immunity Challenge. 

Kirhoffer:  Our first Immunity Challenge this season is called The Temple of Syrinx, an ode to my favorite rock band, Rush.  It's a huge temple.  On "go" they race under a crawl-under net.  Once they get to the end, players have to get on each other's shoulders to get up and untie those bags.  In one of the bags is what we call a "monkey's fist".  It's a long rope with a big knot on the end.  One of the stronger players would have to use that rope, wind it up, and throw it up into a rope catch.  One they get it, they all go up batman style.  From the third level they still have another 15 foot ramp to get up, and this time, they have nothing except for themselves.  So they have to make human ladders.  Then at the top, we have our first puzzle made out of stone.  Each piece weighs about 50 pounds.  Not only is it difficult, it is going to kick their butts. 



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