Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo 
TV Guide Network - Segment 1
Features Game Twists, Duals, Exile Island

Date:  9.19.14

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Announcer:  Survivor is returning to the familiar shores of Nicaragua, repeating a theme that brought the show one of it's most explosive seasons. 

Jeff Probst:  I think with the first Blood versus Water season, what we realized is, as risky as it seemed, at the time, the payoff was the emotion of someone that you're either related to or married into, whatever that connection is, it just amps everything up.  We're changing the creative up this time.  We're keeping the premise the same, which is you bring a loved one out to play with you but Redemption Island is gone.  This time when you're voted out, you're out. 

Announcer:  And this time around, Survivor is bringing the loves ones twist to a whole new level.

Probst:  We will have loved ones showdown every episode with a major consequence on either side.  If you win, you are a hero, because you single-handedly won Reward for your tribe.  If you lose, you're going to Exile.  So the only way to win and be a  hero is to beat your loved one and send them to Exile.  There's no escape.  The plan is that every episode, at least until the merge, you will have these one on one hero duals.  So a new loved one couple will go at it in the next episode.  So everybody, theoretically should get their shot, unless of course you get voted out before that time comes.  

Announcer:  When contestants go to Exile Island, they will be faced with two urns.  One has a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, the other is empty.

Probst:  You'll go out to Exile with the other person.  The two of you will decide, do we tell anybody there is a clue, or do we keep it to ourselves?  Then you have to go back to your camp and figure out how to find the Idol without anybody noticing that you're digging up your entire camp.   This season started with Day Zero, which we did last time we did Blood Versus Water.  We sent all the couples, 9 couples, out into the jungle and they each had a flint and steel.  Several couples got fire going, some didn't.  The next morning they come in to see me, and this is when we divide them into 2 tribes.  No matter how you are prepared for that, and I know they know it's Blood Versus Water, they're going to play against each other.  It's still hard to separate, and then we find the first twist of the game is you're going to be going up against your loved one.  The only way to impress upon your new tribe that you have any worth at all, is by crushing the other.  I don't think either one of them wanted to lose, and I don't think either one of them wanted to beat the other one.  Those were the stakes going into the first challenge. 

Announcer:  Unlike the previous Blood Versus Water season, there are no returning players. 

Probst:  This group seems to have more of a sense of humor than we've had in the past.  There was a lot of laughter when they first came and met me and we introduced everybody.  Not everybody looks alike.  They are from different parts of the country and are going to play the game differently.  Anybody can win.



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