Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo

Date:  11.7.14

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Alec:  Alright here you go.  

Baylor:  What's this?

Alec: It's trash.

Baylor:  What am I supposed to do with it?

Alec:  Throw it away in the water.

Baylor:  Dude.  Alright.

Alec:  What?

Baylor:  Nothing.  I'm down.  I feel like a slave, but I'm down.

Alec:  You feel like a slave?

Alec:  You want the fish?  This aint no charity now. 

Baylor <camera confessional>:  Alec treats me like I'm his baby sister that he wants to bug.  And that's been the case since day 1.  So I'm kind of over it.

Missy:  He's like that to all the women.  He's rude to me, too.  Just roll it off your back. 

Baylor:  I'm trying, it's just so obnoxious.

Baylor <camera confessional>:  My mom's like, "Just let it go."  Unfortunately, I get bugged easily.

Keith:  Come on, Baylor.  We'll go get some wood.

Baylor:  Ughhhh.

Keith:  You aint done nothing but lay there all day.  At least check a pulse every now and then.

Baylor <laying in shelter>:  I have to go get wood.

Keith:  Are we on break?  It's hard to get good help.

Baylor:  Hey, reporting for duty.

Keith:  If you were my kid, you'd done got whooped about 7 times today.

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