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Survivor Live Sneak Peek - Episode 13

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Date:  12.4.14

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Missy:  So what happened?

Missy:  I don't know.

Jaclyn:  I'm really confused.  Did Alec vote for himself?

Natalie:  No.  

Jaclyn:  Didn't you tell me that me, you and Jon are voting Keith.  

Natalie:  I thought me, you and him were voting Alec.

Jaclyn:  Oh.

Natalie <camera confessional>:  Just the way Tribal went, I knew I had to pretend to mess up and accidentally vote out Alec instead of Keith, and act my ass off to convince them that it was a mistake.

Natalie:  You're the only one who talked to me.  Came up to me for two seconds.  I didn't talk to anyone else.

Natalie <camera confessional>:  It was a risk that I was willing to take, because I just didn't want Jon to have more power and control in this game right now than he needs. 

Natalie:  I thought she said me, you and her were voting Alec.

Jon:  No.

Natalie <camera confessional>: I think I sold it to them properly, it's going to be scary.  Jon is on my hit list.  He's been on my hit list since he sent Jeremy home.  So it's been a long time coming, and I need to makes some moves soon.

Natalie:  Nobody was talking to me.  Nobody checked in with me. 

Jon:  I know, I know.  So you got it all mixed up.  

Jaclyn:  It's fine.

Jon:  It's no big deal. 

Baylor <camera confessional>:  It's hilarious watching Natalie be an actress toward Jon and Jaclyn tonight.  If they were smart, they would know Natalie knew exactly what she was doing. 

Jon:  It's fine.

Jon:  That tribal was a little bit of a debacle.  I guess we didn't talk enough going into it, and Natalie didn't fully understand who she was voting for.  It's unfortunate that it happened here because Keith really is a threat in immunity challenges.  I mean, that's a big, big deal.  That potentially could screw up a lot of plans.




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