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Date:  9.19.14

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<Day 1>

Jon Misch <entering Arena>:  This is sweet!

<couples enter the Arena>

Jeff Probst:  Welcome to Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood Versus Water. 

<cheers and clapping>

Probst:  So let's talk about last night.  You were each given a flint.  Who here at luck making fire?

<Jaclyn/Jon, Val/Jeremy, Drew/Alec, Nadiya/Natalie, Kelley/Dale, Reed/Josh raise their hands>

Probst:  Wow, quite a few of you.  Down here on the end.  You guys have fire?

Reed:  Yeah.

Probst:  What are your names?

Reed:  I'm Reed.

Josh:  I'm Josh.

Probst:  Were you surprised you could make fire?

Josh:  No.

Probst:  Usually people come out here and they've never tried to make fire.

Reed:  Jeff, if you're going to be on Survivor, you need to know how to make fire.

Probst:  Down here in the camouflage.  What are your names?

Wes:  Wes.

Keith:  Keith.  Father/son.

Probst:  You didn't make fire?

Keith:  No.  We had a problem.  Problem is we lost our striker. 

Wes:  We dropped it. 

Keith:  It started out bad.  But we used a rock and we got our little bowl going with a rock until our flint broke in half.  It was downhill after that. 

Probst:  I've gotta say, I've used flint a couple of times.  It's pretty hard to break one. 

Keith:  We did it. 

Probst:  Girls right here, what are your names?

Girls:  Natalie and Nadiya. 

Probst:  Sisters, clearly.

Natalie/Nadiya:  Twins.

Probst:  Just looking at the other people.  Who here do you think might already be in a little bit of trouble? 

Nadiya:  Well, we learned on Amazing Race not to judge books by their cover. It's just depending on challenges.  It's so many factors, and in this game it's so social.  I feel like it's anybody's game.

Probst:  Alright, because this is Blood Versus Water, you will be competing against your loved ones.  It's time to divide up into tribes. 

Nadiya <camera confessional>:  I felt the top of my stomach.  Like, oh no, what do I say to Natalie right before she goes. Being separated and not being able to know how our tribe was going to treat us.  It was gut wrenching.

<Probst hands out pouches>

Probst:  Alright, let's see our tribes.  Open them up and see what color of buff you have.  If you have orange, your name is Coyopa.  If you have blue, your name is Hunahpu.  Say your goodbyes.  This game is on.



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