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Date:  8.27.14

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Parvati Shallow:  These are the 9 teams that will be competing on Survivor San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs Water. 

Jeff Probst:  In Blood vs Water the first one, we realized we can bring loved ones out and complicate the game even more.  It did so well that we thought, "Let's do it again and let's do it with new people."  

Parvati:  What do you think about this cast as a whole?

Probst:  I think they're actually pretty diverse not only in color and background or in lifestyle but also just points of view. 

Jeremy Collins:  I'm a firefighter.

Val:  And I'm a police officer.

Jeremy:  We've been married for almost 10 years. 

Val:  I think that being a police and firefighter, we're used to fending for other people.  We're used to kind of taking the hit to protect somebody else. 

Jaclyn Schultz:  That's my boyfriend.

Jon Misch:  That's my girlfriend. 

Parvati:  Why were you selected for the show?

Jaclyn:  I think we both have really interesting backgrounds.  Jon played football for Michigan State.  I was Miss Michigan.

Jon:  Obviously she's gorgeous. 

Jaclyn:  But then there's like this whole other layer where I was born with a syndrome where I can have kids.  We wanna win the money so we can married and have a surrogate or adopt. 

Natalie Anderson:  We feel in so many gaps.  We have the minority gap, we have the girl gap, we have the twins gap. 

Nadiya Anderson:  Amazing Race was an amazing experience but Survivor, it's right up our alley.  Everybody back home thinks we're crazy lunatics anyway. 

Natalie:  I'm hoping nobody recognizes us from The Race.  But if they do they'll definitely know that together me and Nadiya are really strong.

Drew Christy:  I'm a sales rep and I'm a model, so my life is just so crazy.  I just don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow.  The other contestants are gonna be a little bit intimidated by me cause of my stature, my athletic ability, my social ability that I naturally have. 

Alec Christy:  I think that we can feed off of each other without teaming up.  Seeming Drew do well on the other tribe is going to turn me up and make me want to do better for sure. 

Dale Wentworth:  I'm born and raised on the farm.  I've moved 800 feet.  I moved from my parents house to where I live now.

Parvati:  Tell us why you decided to do Survivor.

Kelley Wentworth:  It's all about business. 

Dale:  We'll be tweeting and instagramming with everybody on the show.  At the end of the day, 39 days out, I want to be able to talk to my daughter, I want to have a paycheck.

Missy Payne:  I'm married a couple times...

Baylor Wilson:  Three. 

Missy:  ...and divorced...okay.  I've been divorced three times.  So she's been along for the ride. 

Baylor:  I definitely don't feel 20 a lot of days.  Like, I've dealt with enough to be 30.  It will help me in this game because I know what to look for in other people.  I'm pretty good at picking out the deceivers versus the trustworthy people. 

Probst:  They're funnier than groups we've had in the past. 

Reed Kelly:  We're both performers by trade.  We're both singer/dancer/actors.

Josh Canfield:  Being gay Christians I think is so unusual for a lot of people. I think they're like, wait, you're gay and you're a Christian?  How does that work?  Because normally those two camps are fighting against each other. 

Keith Nale:  We're father/son.  Firefighters.  We're here to win Survivor.

Wes Nale:  Yeah. 

Keith: Cut and dry.  I'm not quite ready to turn the reigns over to him, yet.  I've got a few more ticks left in me.  It's not like, hey go ahead and take it to the end, I'll just step aside.  That's not goin' happen. 

Wes:  He's still in ???? because I'm still living at home. 

Keith:  He's still at the house.   

Wes:  That's why I need to win, because I need to get out of the house.

Keith:  Momma can't cut the cord.  We're kind of outdoor guys anyway.  In Louisiana, you don't sit around on the couch.  You get outside.  Sportsman Paradise, Louisiana.  

John Rocker: I was raised in a professional baseball clubhouse and still carry a lot of that idiocy with me.  Even people that liked me and those that didn't like me, they never really have seen that side.  They don't see the real John.  As far as negatives, it's just going to be overcoming the obvious stereotypes.  The 6 foot 5 guy, ex baseball player.  He's obviously egotistical.  He's obviously a jerk.

Julie McGee:  If and when they find out who he is, then they're all going to think that I'm just like this chick he...

John:  She already told me that she'd throw me under the bus.

Julie:  If there's an opportunity, I'm gonna take it. 

Probst:  That is when Survivor is at its best, is when we really do have a true cross section of America and you have to work together while voting each other out. 





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