Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo
Jeff Probst Preview

Date:  9.22.14

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Jeff Probst:  Blood Versus Water, the first one, was risky.  It did so well that we thought, "let's do it again and let's do it with new people."  What we've done to make it new is we've pitted the loved ones directly against each other.  There is nowhere to hide.  You will have to, at some point, compete against your loved one.

Probst <talking to Jeremy>:  It is the first twist of the game.  You will be competing against your wife.

Probst:  And the stakes are high.  For the winner, reward.  For the loser, Exile Island.  So the only way you prove your worth, is the crush your loved one.  That's Blood Versus Water.  That's worth watching.  There's no way to make this a win-win.  One person will win, one will lose, and you have to make it you.  You've got to go for broke.  The twist haven't stopped.  You won, you now have to pick someone to go be with your loved one. 

Parvati Shallow:  So now there's no Redemption Island anymore.  There's Exile Island, and there's an idol clue on Exile Island?

Probst:  There's a clue at Exile to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol.  The Hidden Immunity Idol is back at camp.  The trick is, there's only one clue and there's two people.  So you're going to choose between between two containers and hope you get lucky.  Then you have to figure out, how do I find the idol within my camp while all the other people are making fire. 

Parvati:  The way you have set this game up, there are so many opportunities for surprises.

Probst:  I love when people get emotional and cry, cause then I really believe we're doing something real.  There's so many reality shows now that are so scripted.  We take great pride in the fact that Survivor is still up to the players.  You decide you want to play two idols, play it.  You decide you want to take one home as a souvenir, there you are. 



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