Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur 
Behind the Scenes of the Immunity Challenge - Episode 1

Date:  9.23.14

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John Kirhoffer <Survivor Challenges Producer>:  Welcome to "Behind the Scenes of the Challenges"  This is the first Immunity Challenge for Blood Versus Water Survivor San Juan Del Sur.  It is called "The Temple of Syrinx."  

In this challenge, our tribes will race under a structure and get all mixed up and all dirty.  Then they will get on each other's back, on their necks and climb up and retrieve three bags.  One of those bags has what we call in this business a "monkey's fist", which is a long rope with a knot on it.  They will take that monkey's fist and swing it until it gets caught in the V.  They will climb batman style up a wall.  The entire tribe gets up to the 2nd level. 

There they open a 2nd set of bags and take out handles.  Put the handles into the wall and forming a staircase, they climb up to last level.  They gotta use their bodies and their tribemates to get all the way to the top.  There they have the hardest puzzle in Survivor history.  It is a Mayan Calendar puzzle.  There are 10 pieces.  Each piece weighs about 50 lbs each.  They will arrange those pieces to form a triangular Mayan Calendar Puzzle.  First tribe to get it right wins Immunity.




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