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Entertainment Weekly - Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield

Date:  8.27.14

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Dalton Ross:  Newsflash, only one winner.  Who's it going to be?

Josh:  I'm going to be the winner.  I'm gonna definitely beat this guy. 

Dalton:  If you can compare Reed to a former Survivor player, who would it be?

Josh:  I am gonna go with Malcolm.  Just because Malcolm was very strong in challenges.  I think Reed is gonna be that way.  I think he also had a way with people and he made some great alliances.  Except Reed with not get chubby the second time he plays.  No offense. 

Reed:  We didn't know we would be here until two weeks before coming. 

Dalton:  Okay, so Reed, let's play it the other way.

Reed:  Totally like Cochran.  Bad sunburns.  I think Lisa was so great.  The way she played and the way she carried herself through the game in a sort of modest place and faith based.  It's very Josh.  He is incredibly strong and a physical presence as well. 






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