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Entertainment Weekly - Natalie and Nadiya Anderson

Date:  8.27.14

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Dalton Ross:  Nadiya, Natalie, you guys did The Amazing Race twice.  There have been other people who've done both shows.  How do you think this experience is going to be compared to that in terms of difficulty?

Natalie:  I think this is taking away the human basics and the things that we yearn the most, comfort and warmth and food.  You're taking the partnership away. 

Nadiya:  One of the things on The Amazing Race is that I get to be with Natalie the entire time.

Natalie:  If we make mistakes we deal with it together.  There's always someone sharing that burden and that suffering with you.  Here you are kind of solo the whole time. 

Dalton:  Which Survivor player do you think Natalie is most like?  What is her game gonna look like?

Nadiya:  I think Natalie is going to be a combination of several things.  I see her being a little bit like Parvati.  She's not going to get down.  She'll always have a smile on her face, laughing it up.  I think she's athletic enough, she can win challenges, maybe like Woo.  We're from the city, New York and we've grown up in an island like Sri Lanka so we have a lot of different assets to us.  We're laid back but at the same, we're kind of go, go, go.  So, maybe a little bit like Tony. 

Dalton:  So what about your sister?  What players is she like?

Natalie:  Rupert!  <laughter>  In The Amazing Race, all the building challenges, I'd be like, "Nadiya, it's all you."  She's like a dude when it comes to IKEA stuff, putting together things.  She's very hands on.  She's also like very motherly.  She's be like trying to make people eat or take care of people.  So, like Monica, maybe.  Like a combination of Monica and Rupert. 

Dalton:  Rupert?

Natalie:  Rupert!  Yeah!

Dalton:  What is the one thing about this experience that you know is going to be really hard.  Very physically taxing.  What's the one thing you're really not looking forward to?

Nadiya:  Not shaving.  We're brown girls and our hair grows so fast. 

Natalie:  In one day, I'll just literally be like a dude. 

Nadiya:  I'll also miss Instagram. 




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