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Entertainment Weekly - John Rocker and Julie McGee

Date:  8.27.14

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Jeff Probst:  Survivor only has one winner, who's it going to be?

Julie:  This gal. 

John:  That gal.

Dalton Ross:  Why that gal and not this guy?

John:  I've watched the show the last few years and I think the athletes all seem to go out right about the merge time.  Word gets out, various excuses are had.  It usually boils down to, Cliff Robinson last season, the exact quote from Woo was, "he's got mad bank, he doesn't need to win."  They had the opportunity to get him out.  It was similar with Jeff Kent, Jimmy Johnson.  I'm gonna try to play under the radar and hopefully they won't know that I had a significant career in Major League Baseball.  If it gets found out, I'll have to really work my butt off to make it past the merge and just cross my fingers and hold my breath from there. 

Dalton:  What is John's biggest weakness?

Julie:  He's intimidating.  That's the way he lives.  He can't help it.  He walks around and everybody sees him.  He is a big guy and he really can't help but be intimidating the way he holds his own.  So, that could work against him.  But I think that through us discussing this a long time, he's going to try his best not to be as intimidating.  I don't know, push his muscles down.  It's anybody's game.  He could go in and just kick butt using all the muscles and get really far. 

Dalton:  I know you told me that Julie's going to win this game.  But if you do somehow win this game, how would that rank in comparison to your athletic achievements?  

John:  Seriously?  It would be a fill in the gap but uh, but give me back the World Series any day. It would be nice.  Mainly, I came into something that I've never trained for before.  You get in the World Series, win a National Championship, All Star games, that's something I worked for for decades.  You almost expect that success.  Something like this, I worked out extra hard.  I hunt and fish and stuff like that.  I'm outdoors a good bit.  This is like by the seat of my pants sort of thing.  It would be a lot of confidence in my own personal character that I had what it took to win something that I have not spent a decade or more preparing for. 



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