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'Survivor' host Jeff Probst explains why they ditched the Redemption Island twist

( 9.3.14)

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Dalton Ross:  It's June 2nd.  You just had your opening, your marooning.  We spoke two weeks ago about why Redemption Island is back.  Then I get out here and you're like, "yeah, it's not back. 

Jeff Probst:  Really, what happened was, we were going to do Redemption.  We've been trying to come up with a new idea but we didn't have it.  Then another idea came to me and I ran it past the guys.  Suddenly it was "yes, yes, yes, yes."  Then everybody contributed their two cents and we birthed what we're doing today.  I was being completely honest with you when I talked to you and simultaneously, completely misleading all this season's players who I know are listening to that interview. 

Dalton:  What I also really like is that you throw Exile Island back in the mix.  You have not done it, this is season 29, you have not done it since season 18.  So this has been away for awhile.  You brought it back and I really like that it's back. 

Probst:  Yeah, I love Exile Island.  You just start thinking, what what be interesting.  If I could have them do anything right now, what would I have them do?  God, it would be great to see him go up against her.  You gotta go up against your loved one and here are the stakes.  Winner gets reward.  Loser goes to Exile Island, where it's gonna really suck.  And it's gonna suck because you put them there.  And what about idols?  Let's put the clue on Exile.  We won't tell anybody.  So now, the good news is you at least have a shot at finding the Immunity Idol.  It's up to you if you want to share that there was a clue or not.  The complication is that clue will lead you back to your beach where the idol is hidden.  So you're gonna have to dig up while everybody else is there.  The game play is ratcheting up.   We're trying to complicate it as much as we can. 

Dalton:  To get to Exile Island, the loved ones have got to dual against each other, loser goes there.  What happens if you get a few weeks in, there's a loved one that's already out.  Is that other person not eligible to compete in that? 

Probst:  Right, that would be the case.  A lot of this is dependent upon who gets voted in and in what order. But the idea is that at every Reward Challenge we will have a new group of, a new pair of loved ones going at it.  And as the game evolves we will resort to Plan B if we run out of those people based on who they vote out. 

Dalton:  I really like it because I like the dynamics.  I wasn't a fan of Redemption Island because I loved the vote off so much, I think it's so important.  But I like the other dynamics.  I like the strategy.  What you've basically done is, you've kept all these interesting dynamics that you got in the last Blood vs Water season by having these duals and decisions, who do we send here but you're now keeping the purity of that vote off. 

Probst:  I am not opposed to Redemption Island.  We didn't get rid of it because people didn't like it.  We got rid of it because we wanted to find something new.  It just took us awhile.  We really do tinker up until the last second, but then when it's locked in, we go. 




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