Survivor:  San Juan Del Sur Promo
Episode 2

Date:  9.24.14

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Jeff Probst:  This season on Survivor Blood Versus Water...

Probst <at Immunity Challenge>:  It's Coyopa taking on Hunahpu.  Survivors ready?  Go!

<Drew versus Alec>

Jeremy:  If someone's after you, I'm gonna go after that person.

Natalie:  Get together and vote him out!

Kelley:  I cannot believe we lost the flint.

Keith:  I've done the worst thing in Survivor history!

Jon:  Somebody's got the idol and we're gonna burn it!

Jeremy:  I'm out to get him now, point blank.

Julie <crying, talking to Missy>:  I'm feeling really deceived by John.

Probst:  Officially, you're quitting the game?

<Wes crying>

Keith:  I'm glad that he's gone.

Probst:  You just lost a member. 

<helicopter flying away>

Baylor:  It means war. 

Josh:  We're going to fight to the end.

Drew <talking to Jon>:  Count on it.

John Rocker:  If you were a man, I'd knock your teeth out. 






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