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Jeff Probst's Cast Assessment

Date:  9.18.14

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Probst:  I think they're actually pretty diverse.  Not only in color and background and lifestyle but also just points of view.  The big theme is blood versus water.  We pitted the loved ones directly against each other.  There is no where to hide.  Three minutes in, you will see one pair of loved ones squaring off.  That's blood versus water. 

Let's start with Val and Jeremy.  As a couple, I like them a lot.  I like that he's a firefighter and she's a cop, although she's not going to tell anybody that she's a cop.  We've seen cops in the past have great observational qualities.  She's no different.  Val's husband, Jeremy, super likeable guy.  He has such a great social way about him.  I'm guessing part of that comes from the fact that he's a fireman. 

Jeremy:  Hi, my name is Jeremy.  I'm a firefighter.  If she wins, it's a failure, and I'm gonna be pissed off.  I want to win that bad. 

Probst:  Drew and Alex.  Two brothers.

Drew:  His nickname's Squirrel.  Let's get it started, because he's the squirreliest person I know.

Probst:  One is slightly older than the other, and that seems to be a bit of an issue between them.  Let's start with the older brother, Drew.  He's cocky.  He's got a swagger.  I think Drew's biggest obstacle will be Drew.  I think he can rub people the wrong way.  It's known if he can quickly reassess and adapt and be a little more low key.  Alec, I think is a bit of a dark horse.  Sometimes the younger brother rises above and surpasses.

Alec:  I know how to rough it.  I've been to the Everglades for three or four days in a row.  It's me out here and I am a Survivor. 

Probst:  John and Jaclyn, they get labeled probably as Barbie and Ken, because he's got the square chiseled jaw and she's got the beauty pageant looks.  I don't think they're going to play as a couple.  Jon is probably going to be really happy, cause it releases him from the responsibility of taking care of his loved one.  I think Jaclyn is going to be surprised by that.   I'm really curious how it's gonna go for Jaclyn. 

Jaclyn:  It's hard for me.  The unknown stresses me out. 

Probst:  Wes and Keith.  I like these guys a lot.  They come from the same cloth.  You see the son in the father and vice verse.  I love that they share this passion for firefighting.  The son is following in the father's footsteps.  I would say on Day 1 that I think that they are both pretty good guys.  I think they are going to be relatable to a  huge part of the county.  I love how they speak, I love the texture of their language. 

Keith:  We're kind of outdoor guys anyway, in Louisiana.

Probst:  I don't think Wes has flown all over the country.  You know, some of these people have traveled a lot.  This is a big deal for them to come to Nicaragua.

Missy and Baylor.  Missy, as a mom, sounds like she's been as much of a friend as she has been a mom. 

Missy:  We're the same person, except she's just...

Baylor:  Twenty.

Missy:  ...a few years younger than me. 

Baylor:  She's forty.

Probst:  She's been through a lot of relationships. She's not afraid of men.  She's not afraid to get involved.  Her daughter has been watching this whole time.  Watching how she deals with men.  Watching how she deals with relationships.  So, Baylor, even though she's only 20, is still coming into the game with a little more life experience than your typical young person.  Missy, I think, could make some alliances.  I think she's open and kind of funny and likeable and definitely has a self-deprecating sense of humor.  That's a quality that I would look for.  Baylor, somebody is going to have to pick Baylor to be in their alliance, cause I don't think she's gonna pick anybody.  There are very few people in their early 20s that come in and hit it. 

I think the twins a lot, and I love that they were on Amazing Race.  I love when people come in here and play the game.

Nadiya:  Well, we grew up in Sri Lanka, so we grew up on an island. 

Natalie:  So with the elements, I think we'll be right at home.

Probst:  That will help them a lot.  I think that a lot of other people, in their first time playing, they scurry about.  I see in those girls a real relaxed attitude.  I'm curious how they're going to do separately.  If Nadiya and Natalie were playing together, I don't trust them.  Separating them, I'm open. 

John and Julie.  John Rocker is a Major League Baseball pitcher.  He's famous for making some very controversial statements about how he views the world.  He comes into this game with a lot of baggage that he can't get rid of.  When we talked to Rocker about that, we said, "Why would you play a game in which it's all about social dynamics; knowing people have lots of reasons to not like you."  And he said, "Cause that's what makes it interesting. I like to play big." 

Rocker:  I was raised in a professional baseball clubhouse and still carry a lot of that idiocy with me.  She already told me; she'd throw me under the bus. 

Julie:  I'm out here to do a certain thing, and just get as far as I can. 

Probst:  John's girlfriend, Julie, is a big question mark for me.  I don't know which way to go.  I've had moments where I thought Julie was going to wilt up and die.  Then Julie gets down in the dirt and says, "This feels good."  I think she could be a force.  I just don't know which way she is gonna go.  And I don't know if Julie knows, either. 

Josh and Reed are without question two of my favorite people we've ever had on the show.  As a couple, I like them even more.  I love that they are out as a gay couple.

Reed:  I'm Reed; this is Josh. 

Probst:  Josh, I'm guessing, is going to assimilate a little more quickly than Reed.  I think Josh is so likeable that his biggest obstacle will be somebody going, "There's just no way I'm letting you last long."  Reed is excitable and he's excited to be out here, but when you go back to the beach you want to be calm.   I don't know what Reed's gonna do.  I hope Reed gets into a real alliance, cause oftentimes you see it and you go, "That's a good alliance."  You guys are dead.

Dale and Kelley, interesting couple in that you have a father and a daughter, the father divorced with Kelley was young and remarried.  That's a hard thing to go through as a kid; have a new parent come in.   I think there was some conflict in there and they didn't talk for awhile.  Kelley wants to rekindle this.  I'm sensing from the dad that, not that he doesn't want to, but he doesn't really understand how much she wants to.  So this could be a really great experience for them.

Dale:  With a loved one, you've always got that little bird on your shoulder saying, "Your daughter's over there." 

Probst:  Maybe this show has a purpose for them.  Maybe Kelley will blindside her dad and say, "Now we're even."  That's worth watching. 







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