Survivor Second Chance - Challenge Speculation
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Episode 13 Reward Challenge:  Rope-a-Dope
Players are tethered to a rope that winds over and under obstacles.  They follow the course, retrieving bags of balls along the way.  At the end of the course the players use their balls to knock down blocks assembled on a table

Challenge overview

Challenge lineup, course visible in background

Use slats of wood to make a bridge, cross bridge on hands and knees

Episode 13 Immunity Challenge:   Water Obstacle Course
Players complete an obstacle course in the water that includes running across narrow platforms, climbing in and out of boats, and swimming.  Upon return to the beach they solve a puzzle

Challenge overview

Race into the ocean

Puzzle stations visible in background

Across obstacles

Retrieve a key

Use key to unlock chest, get puzzle pieces and solve puzzle


Episode 13 Orkun Tribe



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