Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Season 29
Challenge Speculation 

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F5 Reward Challenge -  
The castaways drop a ball into a metal chute. The ball travels down a metal track and exits where the player must catch it with a metal paddle.  Use 5 paddle to transfer the ball through a series of 4 small obstacles and to the next metal chute, where the ball is then dropped down another metal chute.  First player to get all 3 of their balls through the last metal chute wins Reward.

F5 - Immunity Challenge:  Pole Dancing
Players are tethered to a rope.  They do a crawl under and over a corral unspooling as much rope as they think they need to make it over a timber bridge.  While crossing the bridge they build the top with planks.  Continue to a table with sandbags. Then they throw sandbags at a series of blocks.  The first player to knock off all 15 blocks from their table wins the challenge

Challenge lineup, Natalie still wearing the Immunity Necklace from Episode 13
Probst starts the challenge
Unspool rope while climbing over and under a corral
Bridges in background, block/pyramid stations in forefront 
Fit planks into bridge and climb across
Pyramid blocks
Toss balls at to knock down the blocks

F4 - Immunity Challenge:  

Run across each of the 5 different raised obstacles to collect a color coded bags... 
Climb tower, use puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle
Keith on tower at puzzle


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